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Mithril Mines : Our Plans for Future

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Hello community of Mithril Mines !!

  • I started this server just for fun.. i expect last only about 1 max 2 weeks..
  • That's why I use a free pack and I don't fully organize our features ...
  • I saw our community love our features and keep play at our server over 2 months , ( we are online since 15 of June 2017 )
  • Our community support me with donations and I did many updates on server so I can buy a premium pack in future
  • I did many mistakes so we lost many players , one mistake was bad solo farm ...
  • Another mistake was add fast in donation list B grade items... i apologize for that..
  • Also farm for B Grades was ultra hard ... that was terrible .. sadly i saw my mistakes few days later



​My plans for futured Main Server  Mithril Mines x10


  • ​Our Main server will fully updated from zero
  • ​I will buy & use  premium files & not a free pack , our bugs will be limited and our server balanced will be much better than before
  • ​I will focus on a realistic PvP & PvE  , always keep low statistic on every class
  • ​As you saw in old Mithril Mines max casting was about 1000 +-
  • ​I wont do mistakes that i done before ( i hope .. i m human like you )
  • ​Create the new Mithril Mines x10 or x15 will be ​about  2-5 months depends on my free time
  • ​Features will be similar like old Mithril MInes 
  • Until i open the Main Server Mithril Mines x10 , i will create a Fun Server PvP x500








Fun Server Dion  x500 information


  • Fun server Dion , will be up just for fun for Old School players
  • Easy farming
  • Castle Siege only Dion Castle  (maybe we can ebalbe and Gludio)
  • Main Town Dion
  • Max Level 58
  • Top farm zones  Cruma 2 & Enchanted Valley
  • Top  Items  D-Grade
  • ​Event rewards : TOP D-Weapons   buyable with adena and medals (easy)
  • ​We will use same enchant rates (33% normal , 45% blessed & 50% crystal)
  • ​Olympiad : hero weapon stat like D +7
  • ​SSD & BSSD only craft (cheap to buy recipe from grocery shop)
  • ​Enable PvP Color system
  • Castle Bonus hp +150 for circlet &  hp +250 for Crown
  • ​We will use retail system of Clan Oath armors , can used only if you are in clan and buyable with Reputation points
  • ​Server will be BETA online soon , so we can test our features !
  • ​I will open this server just for FUN and our main server will have different files
  • ​Propably balance with D-Grades wont be like old Mithril Mines with C-B grades
  • ​I wanna see our ppl have fun some days or weeks or months
  • ​I hope you have fun with this  :P
  • ​I will post more information soon , stay tuned!
  • ​When i will open this server? i don't know yet ..
  • ​I will need some BETA testers for balance test & economy test.



For Dion lovers







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